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Personal Guidance in Aged Care

Professional help navigating the aged care system and residential placement process.

Adelaide metro, Hills & Fleurieu

Personal Guidance in Aged Care is a family-owned residential aged care placement consultancy, established in Adelaide, 2001. Since then, the service has become renown for quality advice and outcomes covering all aspects of the aged care system, up to and including aged care placement.

This site is a welcome mat for seniors, their families and friends, searching for answers as to how the aged care system really works in Adelaide, and how to find an outcome that’s right for them.

Words from Some of Our Clients
Mum and Dad found space in the Aged Care facility of their first choice and two years later couldn’t be happier. The learning curve is too steep ... at a stressful time when the speed of placement is often paramount.
Stephen made our job far less daunting in an environment which was completely foreign to us. He took the time to explain everything ... so everyone was aware how things would progress.
The trauma which came with the knowledge of having to deal with this issue was made so much easier with his help.
He demonstrated a vast knowledge and understanding of the processes involved ... and was able help us to feel much less overwhelmed at what needed to be done.
Within two days we received offers from four Residential Care facilities ... Stephen was able to open doors that would have been difficult for the family to achieve. The cost of this services was modest and well worth the decision to engage.