About Personal Guidance in Aged Care

Personal Background

Personal Guidance in Aged Care is owned and operated by Stephen Stockwell. Stephen began consulting under his mother Bernadette’s training in 2011, before taking the reigns mid-2016.

Bernadette worked extensively in the industry over ten years before establishing the placement consultancy in 2001. She was among the first to meet the emerging needs of Adelaide families in navigating an increasingly complex residential care system. A reputation for credibility, integrity and quality tailored service steadily developed and is now widely acknowledged across South Australia, interstate and overseas. Bernadette remains close to the service while having stepped away from day-to-day operations late 2016.

Stephen has long shared his mother’s proactive engagement in community services, having come to aged care from five instructive years as a disability support worker. The driving principles remain the same: advocating always for the best interests and dignity of the person. To that end, Stephen continues to uphold Bernadette’s legacy of basing all recommendations and referrals on standards of care from reputable, accredited providers.